De Bono e l’educazione


The de Bono Weekly Message – About Education:
“Education is all about knowledge and analysis. There is a complete lack of ‘operacy’ and design. Operacy covers the skill of doing and making things happen. Design is putting together what you have to deliver the values you want.
Our traditional thinking strongly influenced by Church needs, is concerned with finding the truth. That is ebne (excellent but not enough). We have never emphasised the thinking that is needed to create value.
Education at all levels from primary school to university should have significant elements of operacy and of design. Having a wonderful road map is ebne. You also need to know how to drive and how to choose your destination.”


Terminal B


Il data base di Terminal B offre la possibilità a tutte le formazioni creative della città di Barcellona – professionali e non – nei vari ambiti, dal design all’arte, dalla fotografia alla multimedialità, di avere la propria scheda e dare quindi visibilità alle proprie iniziative.barcellona